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Why So Coy, Safaricom?

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What’s going on with M-Pesa? Safaricom say that normal service will resume soon, but in the meantime we should keep our eyes peeled for “new value addition features,” although CEO Michael Joseph won’t tell us what they are.

Apparently there was some trouble with an upgrade of the system last weekend that took longer than expected. These things happen, but what I really want Michael Joseph to tell me is what these new features are. What can we expect and when. Does anyone have any ideas? C’mon, Mike! Throw us a bone!

Personally, I’d like to see M-Pesa expand to include a debit card that could be used for internet purchases abroad , but that’s just me. What would you like to see as a new M-Pesa feature?


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  1. kevin mcakech says:

    I am proud member of the system,but what I would have like as a feature is the reward side of the the sysstem,like the more you use the more you get rewarded for surtainance of the system.

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