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Inari Media is a blog that focuses on business issues, IT and entrepreneurship. The blog was started in November 2008 and has a particular interest in Kenya, from where the editor hails.

After a brief hiatus, the blog returned to “normal service” in April 2012, with a shift in focus from business in general to small businesses in particular.

small-mangatarStephanie Migot writes and edits the majority of the posts on the blog. She has always been interested in business and IT, and says her proudest achievment was learning how to hand-code HTML over the course of one weekend in 1996. She holds a degree in Business Studies from the University of Birmingham (UK) Since graduating, she has been plying her trade as a freelance “Jill of all trades,” offering a range of business services to entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Inari Media aims to be impartial. As such, where a company has previously been an employer, or has paid for any reviews, this will be disclosed.

Image Attribution
Inari Media uses pictures found via internet searches to illustrate posts. These images are usually covered by a Creative Commons licence and attribution is given to the creators at the bottom of each post. Occasionally, however, a suitable picture cannot be found and we may source a picture from elsewhere. Every effort is made to give correct attribution.

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