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Inari Media is Migrating

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Wildebeest MigrationDespite the lack of activity on the blog in the last… erm, wow, that’s a long time! Anyway, regardless of the fact that I had inspiration burn-out and a life away from the laptop, Inari Media is still very much a going concern and in the interests of keeping things going, there are going to be some changes.

First, because I am like a kitten with a ball of wool when it comes to new things, I have been playing around with a Drupal Gardens* site. The idea is to relaunch Inari Media there once I have it looking the way I like. To appease the Google gods, archived posts will remain here.

Second, while the focus of the blog will remain business and technology-oriented, there may be more posts on international development, the changes in public policy brought about by the internet, and various other topics. I’ll try to keep the ranting about Kenyan politics to a minimum.

And finally, as I grow up (a little) and attempt to behave like an adult, there will be occasional cross-pollination from other projects I’m working on, with full disclosure, of course.

These changes will all be fairly gradual (there are only so many hours in the day, and I don’t have a clone yet), so there is no need to strap in and hold on for a bumpy ride. The Twitter feed is still ticking over nicely, and I will give notice before the final switch takes place.

So I’m not dead; I’ve just been resting, and now feel suitably refreshed to pick up where I left off. We are still living in interesting times, after all.

[Image by Cody Kwok]

It’s free, and remarkably easy to use, even if you’re not a techie. If you’re interested in playing around with Drupal, you should sign up.



  1. aardvark says:

    I ran onto this by googling NtT in a reflective moment, first time I have, and you were the fifth entry or so……..and I remembered you as one who I had talked to quite a bit. I of course have been perma banned from there but every so often read a bit of user space nostalgically; I did post there daily for 8 – 9 years – you understand how one becomes pretty involved with a rather silly time consumer like NtT and how it does become ones community; even if mostly adversarial.

    So I tick along here on the bayou where I have become very involved in gardening. I get back to London a bit to stay with my parents and try to make ends meet – being a worn out carpenter. Like many tradesmen who reach 60 or so my tendons and bits have been used up by a lifetime of hard work so am messing about with trying different stuff.

    And to be on topic – with polyandry, polygamy and gay marriage I have become interested in the next logical step – marrying ones self for tax reasons. Makes sense to me, and I have a hard time seeing why it would not stand up in law. Maybe some ‘country’ like San Marino could legalize it and people with awkward tax situations could ‘self honeymoon’ there as it becomes the oanistic marriage equivalent of Las Vegas. Then with reciprocity one may go home and file the license with the Inland revenue and all manner of possibilities open. (one cannot help thinking of HB and council housing waiting lists, let alone where else it could take you on.)

  2. Inari Media says:

    Hello! And congrats on finding the blog. I have no sway with the NtT moderators, however, so I don’t think your commenting here will do much good in being allowed back there.

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