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Free and Easy Tech Support (No, Really)!

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FreeBefore I started this blog, the place I considered to be my online “home” were the Guardian talkboards, Guardian Unlimited Talk (GUT). Then, in February, The Unpleasantness happened. I still haven’t completely forgiven them.

Luckily, other members of GUT not only had wicked ninja-like coding skills, but also access to almost immediate hosting. Today, NotTheTalk is even better than the old talkboards were, and is providing me with my daily mix of snark, gossip, and tech chat without the hassle of wondering if I’m about to piss off a newspaper group.

And it’s the tech chat that I’m offering you. Check out the PC, Virus and Web Questions thread. All general sorts of questions, but answered for anyone who wants it and at absolutely no cost. Alternatively, check out the rest of the IT & Computers folder, to look at the range of techy topics that are being covered, by everyone from newbies to experts.

Setting up an account is just a matter of registering your chosen username and password. Done! And if you get bored of all the tech stuff, as you can see from all of the other folders listed, there is lots of other stuff to get stuck into. I’d avoid International for a while, though, at least until you’ve got the hang of the place.

NotTheTalk is a free-flowing forum for chat and debate about virtually any topic under the sun. For the most part, aside from the resident trolls, the members are friendly, sharp as tacks and very inventive with their swearing.  If you fancy a lively place to drop in while pretending to do some work, definitely join up. Especially if you have a lot of tech problems; we love solving those!



  1. Walter Wall-Carpet says:

    I’ve taken your advice and had a look. Excellent – I joined and contributed already!

  2. Stephanie Migot says:

    Glad you’re finding it useful! I haven’t had any tech issues of my own for a while, luckily, so have mostly been lurking.

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