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Reboot: 2011

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Wellington boots in the snowWell, that little hiatus was fun! I managed to take most of December and almost all of January “off” from Inari blogging duties. How was it for your? Did you notice? I imagine that the reduced tweet frequency was probably a giveaway, but thank you very much to the visitors who did keep coming back.

So. 2011… The global economy is still struggling to recover from the economic crisis of 2008, Kenya’s leaders are still a bunch of crooks and I am still waiting for the lottery win that will allow me to buy my own super-villain island hideaway where I can live in splendid isolation, doing nothing but sunbathe and order more sushi for my lunch.

What does this mean for the blog? Well, it means that now that I am back “on duty,” normal blogging service will resume. I have a couple of ideas for blog series that might come to fruition, and I have a surfeit of good freeware to recommend. There’s also rolling tech and business developments to comment on, half-baked ideas to turn into debates, rants about random idiocy to be penned and the fire of righteous indignation to be turned on those who deserve it. What could possibly go wrong?

I shall also be trying to focus more on work and career issues, as while we would all like to be masters of all we survey, that isn’t the case for all of us. 2011 looks as though it is going to be a challenging year, no matter where you are based or in which field you work. I shall be doing my best to provide useful and insightful information to all those who want or need it.

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