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And This is Where I Finally Purge Myself of the Nation Media Group…

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Success or FailureI just… I’ve tried so hard.. what the hell… oh my god… and to think that I once actually read The Nation as a serious newspaper!

Obviously, because I live abroad, I can only get the RSS feeds that I am offered by the benevolent clowns at the Nation Media Group (NMG), and over the weekend I had the misfortune sad opportunity to read a piece by Charles Onyango-Obbo, who you may remember from previous adventures in examining the management at NMG, specifically their blatant plagiarism and the weaselly apologies that resulted from their exposure.

Charles thinks that the exposure of all of those molester priests who swear fealty to the Vatican might end up being a good thing! Because… wait.. I’m sure his incisive mind will tell us at at some point… oh, wait… no, he doesn’t.

I have re-read the piece four times now, and from what I can tell, Charles is upset that Catholics have been getting a bad press because of all of those headlines about priests molesting boys. His solution? Ordain women as priests! Because this will somehow distract from the fact that ordained Catholic men can’t seem to keep it in their pants. And he conveniently ignores the fact that the Pope himself has said that female ordination is as bad as molesting children. And all of his waffling seems to be an undercover review of one book that he has read that purports to explain the historical, political and legal background to the current crisis in the Catholic church.

For the love of God! No really, if you must have a Sky Daddy, worship whoever you want. Read the article. Now, go back to the beginning and read it again. Does it make sense? Is there a logical thread that the average person could follow? Is there a coherent argument that is backed up by facts and/or figures?

No! And yet Charlie-boy is named as the ” Nation Media Group’s executive editor for Africa & Digital Media.” I can barely be named assistant manager of my pyjama drawer! How is it that such an incoherent article reached the presses of the East African? One can only assume that somebody took a look at Onyango-Obbo’s business card and decided that the bigwigs at NMG are free to squirt their thoughtless utterings all over the group websites, like an overexcited chihuahua on a Persian rug.

Having to parse that article into “human” is what has made me decide that I can no longer read articles from the Nation Media Group without the aid of psychotropic drugs or a useful idiot. Guess what? I don’t have a compliant doctor, or a captive imbecile. I’ll continue to monitor NMG headlines, but I think I can say definitively that this is the moment when Kenyan blogs became better than traditional media.

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  1. Nation Media leads the pack but there was this scandal that was doing rounds in the net

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  3. mmnjug says:

    Without coming out as defending him, Charles’ articles are meant to provoke thinking…….. clearly, he has achieved that. Not many are happy with his wild theories, but hey, they are thought provoking. And he quotes very many newspapers worldwide and indicates so. Therefore, the plagiarism by Obbo is deliberate…. and he says that.

  4. Stephanie Migot says:

    He didn’t provoke thinking, he provoked brain-ache and howls of outrage from me. A newspaper executive with the kind of platform that Onyango-Obbo has access to should be able to demonstrate higher standards than an illogical, factually inaccurate, rambling essay that resembles the stream-of-consciousness of a particularly slow remedial student.

    Further, as newspaper groups around the world complain about bloggers and news aggregators “stealing” their content, it is absolutely hypocritical for a newspaper group to do exactly the same thing. Syndication is fine, but blatant theft is not.

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