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Reset: Normal Service is Resumed

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Greetings from my shiny new computer, which finally arrived this week to restore all the tech goodness I had grown accustomed to. After a day to restore all my old files and settings, I’m back up and running, so the blog is now officially back to normal, as are the Twitter feeds.

One good thing to have come out of not having a working computer is that I had an awful lot of time to think, play with projects that I’d been neglecting, and generally get things done without the distractions of my usual online life. Yes, I may have been a little out of sorts, but it was very useful in getting me to focus on things I usually just skim.

As a result, I’ve got all sorts of ideas for future posts, and will hopefully make the blog bigger and better than it was before the Great Motherboard Massacre. It’s the least I can do after everyone has been so patient during my travails.  Thank you to everyone who got in touch, wondering what was going on. It’s good to be back!

[Image by R William King]


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