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Freeware of the Week! [EditPad Lite]

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While I was wandering around with a face like a kicked puppy in the wake of my computer-related horror, I busied myself trying to get my notes into some kind of rational order. I carry a couple of notepads with me wherever I go, filling them up with things I need to remember or that I’ll need to deal with later. The problem is that even with the best of intentions, it’s very difficult to keep all the notes on a particular topic together. I thought about having a separate page for each category, but what do when my jottings have taken up all the space?

Luckily, with there is a computer program where my jottings can be marshalled, and my notepads can stay chaotic as ever. EditPad Lite is a text editor that allows you to open multiple documents in tabs, with easy switching back and forth amongst them. Now, I can keep my notes under separate headings and still have access to all of them in one place.

Though it is a Windows-only program, EditPad Lite can open and edit text files for UNIX or Mac systems, ending the dilemna of whether a file you need will be compatible with your system. Not only that, but EditPad Lite can also handle a variety of programming languages, meaning that if you don’t get on well with Notepad++ (which I still consider to be my favourite), you can probably do your coding just as well with this program.

Considering it’s the free version of a commercial program, EditPad Lite has several good features that come included. In addition to being easily configurable to suit your tastes or needs, EditPad Lite also automatically opens new files in instances of the program already running, saving on processing time and scrabbling around between windows.  The program has all the normal features you’d expect, from find-and-replace, word wrapping and autosaving. What is very good, if you are absent-minded or liable to change your mind with the wind, is the unlimited undo and redo function. Provided you don’t shut the file you’re working on, you can go all the way back to the beginning. If you are thinking of sending an angry email to your ex, write it in this program first.

My notes are in order, I haven’t had to hunt down the family of my local computer salesman (yet), and I haven’t had to give up more than a few megabytes on my stand-in hard drive. If you’re looking for a text editor without all the bells and whistles of Notepad++ that won’t gobble up hard drive space or make unnecessary demands, download EditPad Lite today.

[Image by LowJumpingFrog]


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