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Whoops! It happened again.

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I seem to be developing a nasty habit of having bits of computer equipment explode. At least time I know it wasn’t my fault. Sadly, because it wasn’t my fault, there needs to be a full rebuild rather than just a new part, which is why the blog has been so quiet, the Twitter birds have failed to chirp and my email inbox left looking like the scene of a bizarre massacre.

Still, I am now back, after a fashion, and while updates may not be as quick as they have been in the past, they will be done, starting with a belated Freeware of the Week over the weekend. I hope to be fully back into the swin of things as soon as possible, but that all depends on whether the spec I asked for is in stock and whether the postmen are on strike next week. At the moment, I’m waiting to see.

[Image via CrunchGear]


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