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Freeware of the Week! [Revo Uninstaller]

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Have you ever tried to uninstall some software and then realised that it has left bits and pieces of itself all over your hard drive, even though the main program itself isn’t there any more? The default Windows Add or Remove Programs feature doesn’t seem to be very good at realising that when you ask for a program to disappear, you want it gone.

Luckily, Revo Uninstaller is here to make sure that your rejected programs do not hang around your computer like jealous exes at a wedding. This nifty utility removes all traces of uninstalled software from your hard drive, including residual files and registry keys, cleaning parts that Windows often fails to reach.

But Revo Uninstaller can do more; much more! Along with the snazzy uninstall function, the program can includes a startup manager and a very impressive hard drive cleaner, which can remove all traces of deleted files or folders from your system, to the point that the data can’t be recovered. There are also history cleaner functions for browsers, MS Office and Windows itself, along with a Tools Manager for all those systems utilities you occasionally have to hunt down in the Control Panel.

The Revo Uninstaller GUI is slick and intuitive, with the option of a visual display of your installed programs, which makes hunting them down for culling much easier on the eye and stress levels that the default Windows feature. Right-clicking a program icon brings up a range of options, uninstalling to accessing the program’s help file. You can even check to see if the programs need updating, which is something I have been forgetful about in the past. Even if you’re not the most tech-savvy user, Revo Uninstaller isn’t in the least intimidating, and figuring out a variety of tasks is a breeze.

Revo Uninstaller doesn’t do anything that other programs don’t do, but the fact that it is all together, in one package, is what makes the product so impressive. Not only that, but it is incredibly lightweight, squeezing all that functionality into barely 2MB of disk space. Sadly, it is only available for 32-bit versions of Windows (be sure to check your version before installing), which is a shame, as I’m sure that users across all platforms would appreciate it. But in the spirit of these posts, it is absolutely free, with the added bonus of no annoying spyware or adware. It has become my latest must-have program. Download it today and try it out for yourself.


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