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Freeware of the Week! [ImgBurn]

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I can’t believe that while I was going through my movie montage hell that I didn’t mention that I also had a nightmare burning the final clip to disc. Because I didn’t know what kind of video playback was going to be used, I needed a CD with the clip in a variety of formats, and a DVD format for the same. What was already a fairly stressful time was soothed towards the end by being able to use ImgBurn to make the burning process as painless as possible.

ImgBurn is a program that burns CDs, DVDs, image files, data files. It supports all the major audio formats for CDs, including AAC, FLAC and OGG. It can be also be used to Burn DVD-Video, HD DVD and Blu-Ray discs. I felt privileged on behalf of my laptop, which comes from an era when the very notion of burning DVDs was a crazy idea. Not only that, but ImgBurn also does image file formats: ISO, PDI, BIN, NRG and more.

The ImgBurn GUI is remarkably easy to use, with five modes depending on what you want to do: read, write, build, verify, and discovery, which I didn’t use because that entailed using a different (paid) program to get results. For more advanced users, however, there are extra context menus available if you right click the sections you’re working on. For those used to a simpler interface or who are in a hurry, though, the normal interface should suit you down to the ground, despite the cheeky warning message you get if you try to shut down the program log file while you’re still working.

Overall, ImgBurn is a nifty little program, just over 2.1MB on the hard drive, and a joy to use. I know that Nero have just released a free version of their software, but they’ve taken out most of the best features, bundled it with the Ask Toolbar, and I bet if you do ask it to do anything advanced, it will nag you to upgrade. ImgBurn works with all flavours of Windows, and for Linux users with Wine and is, as always for these Friday fixes, totally free. Stick with this program and leave Nero to those who don’t know better.


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