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Freeware of the Week! [UltraVNC]

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The Inari Twitter feed is going to be quiet today, as I am going to be away, fixing a computer that seems bedevilled with problems. I think I’ve been dealing with this machine for over a year now, and every time something goes wrong, I have to take at least six hours out of my day to go round and visit it.

When I get there today, I’m going to be installing UltraVNC, to make my life a little easier. This is a program that will allow me to see what’s happening on the miscreant PC’s screen from my laptop here at home, and will also enable me to control the PC remotely, so I will no longer have to take a chunk out of my day to troubleshoot minor problems. If you’ve been thinking of setting yourself up as a computer repair person, this could be very useful for providing support to customers without having to drop everything and go to them in person. Alternatively, if you need to deal with data on your work computer while you’re at home, UltraVNC is a quick and easy way to do this.

UltraVNC can be set up to run on a network or via the internet, and includes optional encryption plugins, text chat and a Java viewer that also supports file transfers. There are also multiple add-ons and plugins for the program, including encryption for those of you who are security-minded.

Unless you are particularly fond of schlepping to the houses of friends and relatives to fix ailing computers in return for very little reward (although lunch at the place I’m visiting this afternoon is always fantastic), UltraVNC will come as something of a godsend. It can be set up to run on multiple PCs, making the job of providing support to computers in different locations a breeze. Download it, install it, tell your non-tech friends not to bother it, and give yourself some peace of mind today.


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