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Will You Be Downloading the Latest Version of Firefox?

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After what has seemed like a geological age in beta, Firefox 3.5 is finally available to download. The new browser is apparently twice as fast as its predecessor and promises tools such as location-aware browsing, private browsing and better Javascript capabilities.

Firefox 3.5 has been so long in beta that there is likely to be a stampede to get the legit version, and I have already upgraded my version to take advantage of all the new goodies… and promptly rolled back to Firefox 3.

I don’t have massively special needs, but I do use a host of add-ons, and I couldn’t cope with losing my favourites, even if only temporarily. In addition, despite the much-vaunted speeds, Firefox 3.5 actually ran slower than Firefox 3 on my laptop. This may be because of various tweaks I’ve used to speed up the browser, it may be that my broadband connection was throwing a hissy fit, or maybe I need to upgrade my laptop because Firefox 3.5 needs more memory than I can offer. Whatever the cause, it was slow and clunky, with delays switching between tabs and between the browser and other programs. A few short hours was enough to turn me off completely and Firefox 3.5 had to go.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Firefox browser. It is my main browser and I only ever use another browser if I need to do something like log into a different Gmail account without disrupting Google Reader.  I manage my life through Firefox, and would be completely lost without it. But until, at the very least, the add-ons that I have come to depend on have been updated so that they are compatible with Firefox 3.5, and I can figure out why it runs so slowly on my system, I won’t be joining the Firefox 3.5 party. The browser will still be hugely popular, I expect, but I don’t feel able to join in just yet.


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