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Freeware of the Week! [Splitweet]

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Very easy one this week, as it’s something I use on a daily basis and have come to depend on, even though there are alternatives out there that you might prefer. It is also the first web-based application I have chosen as freeware of the week, but I can say that having discovered it, I wouldn’t get rid of it for anything.

Splitweet is a multi-account manager for Twitter and is – naturally – completely free to use. Simply register for a Splitweet account, verify your various Twitter accounts, and you can track all tweets from them in one easy window. Tweets from each different account are assigned a different colour, which is shown as a small square alongside each tweet. It is a quick visual aid for reading and responding to tweets.

Splitweet includes all the features you’d expect from a Twitter client, including the ability to tweet, re-tweet and direct message your contacts, in addition to marking tweets as your favourites. There is a handy reply sidebar so that you can see replies as they come in, or you can use the tabs in the main window to monitor the same. Just remember to select the right account checkbox when you are replying to a tweet, or you could end up with some very confused people!

Another brilliant feature that Splitweet has for those who are “professional” twitterers is the brand monitoring facility. You can set up your brand – usually your professional or company twitter name – and Splitweet will show you where the name has been mentioned. This is particularly useful as a means of gauging customer opinion or reaction to any marketing efforts, and much more convenient that trying to get feedback via DMs from each twitterer who may have heard of you.

Splitweet is a sterling effort, considering that it is put together by its developers in their spare time. My only beef with the application is that I wish they would build in a way for me to occasionally separate one Twitter account from the others without having to kill the combined feed, maybe in a column format. It also doesn’t have a built-in URL shortener, but there are toolbar buttons and browser add-ons that can deal with that. True, occasionally a script falls over, and there have been times that I log in and find that the UI is now in Catalan or Spanish, but overall I love this application.

I have tried all of the big multi-account options for Twitter, but I keep coming back to Splitweet because it is so incredibly easy and pleasant to use. I hope their development team keep up the good work and continue to improve the application, because that would take Splitweet from being very good to being amazing.


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