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Announcement: Series of Posts on Small Businesses Beginning Next Week

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As a freelancer, I deal with a number of small companies who have grown from circumstances very similar to my own: rather than submit to life on the corporate treadmill, they have struck out on their own to see if they can make a go of things while still keeping a happy work-life balance and a degree of personal autonomy. We only differ in that they hire me, while I get ansty at the thought of getting help with my accounts (there may be time later in the week for my confession of control-freakery).

Nevertheless, it has to be said that self-employment or running a business is not for everyone. Just as not every infantryman makes a good general, not every worker makes a good boss. While there are a number of brilliant resources out there, I thought that it might be an idea to put a series of posts together that detail the ins and outs of starting your own business, and how to proceed.

Now, I know there are already a number of websites offering exactly the same kind of advice, but having looked at a few of them, they do seem to be fairly localised, in that they appeal to the UK or US markets, at least when I harvest information from my RSS feeds. What I plan to do is to provide generalist information, which can be used in any market. Yes, it may be less detailed in parts than other local resources, but I do hope to at least provide some tips and pointers that could help other budding entrepreneurs on their way.

At present, I imagine the series of posts to work in the following order, and on the following topics:

  • Business Planning
  • Business Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Writing a Business Plan
  • General Fundraising
  • Raising Capital
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Sales and Customer Service
  • Management Accounting
  • Book-Keeping and Administration
  • Conclusions, Advice and Links

I am more than happy to concede that this may not be the most thoroughgoing review of how to run a business, so if you have any ideas about what you would like to see addressed, please either use the comments box or contact me directly. On the other hand, if you would like to receive the whole series of posts, feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed so that you are always informed when a new post is available. I hope to start writing on this topic at the beginning of next week, with the umbrella title for all related posts of “The New Entrepreneur.” I will do my best to make posts as international as possible, and also provide real-world examples where available. It should be a blast, and I appreciate any feedback, so feel free to speak your mind early and often.

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