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Freeware of the Week! [Free Video Converter]

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So last week, when I recommended CamStudio as a nifty bit of screencasting goodness, I did concede that it didn’t have a video editor and that it only converted between two video formats. I also promised that I would snaffle out a decent companion program, and this week I have found something that marries video editing and conversion.Woohoo!

Free Video Converter not only supports a wide variety of video formats, including the AVI files that are the main output for CamStudio files (unless you convert them to SWF), but also packs in a pretty good video editing facility too. Files can be merged and split, tweaked and batch converted in a multiplicity of ways that should make managing your videos a breeze.

Free Video Converter comes with a simple and easy-to-understand interface that even the greenest of newbies will get to grips with quickly. There are one-click settings for a variety of tasks, and the program also has the facility for your to set your own custom settings for video conversion. It supports most of the main video formats, including the new high-definition H.264 format, and can also outpt in the AVI, MP4, MPEG1, MPEG2, QuickTime and WMV formats.

In terms of editing files, in addition to merging and splitting files, the Free Video Converter also supports resizing, changing the rate of frames-per-second, deinterlacing and also allows for the use of multiple videos in one project. There is a movie preview area in the user interface, with a handy timeline feature to show how the video is progressing, and once done, the program can also play your finished opus in HTML pages as a FLV file, which means that web publishing is another easy step.

I’ll admit, I don’t mess around with video much, but occasionally need to extract a short clip from a longer piece of video to send it to other people just simply save it for a later date. Free Video Conveters does the trick in both instances, and considering the modest amount of space (around 25MB) it takes up on my hard drive, I’m happy to give it the house space. So, if you were put off downloading CamStudio last week for lack of a video editor, I hope that this week’s recommendation reassures you that there are programs out there that can help.

[Image by Caitlin]


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