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Calling All UK-Based Writers!

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Kenyan scribes, sharpen your nibs and prepare your inkwells. If you have an interest in international development and some time on your hands, the Guardian newspaper would like to hear from you.

This is the second year of the paper’s International Development Journalism competition, and submissions are being solicited. If you can write an article of 650 to 1,000 words on one of this year’s themes, you’re in with a chance.

Deadline for submissions is June 22nd. Longlisted entries will be published on the Guardian website. The 16 shortlisted finalists will have their entries published both online and in two special print supplements. In addition, they will also be flown to a developing country to work on an assignment for the paper. The overall winner will be announced at an awards shindig in November.

I’m tempted to break out the ceremonial fountain pen for this one. Though there is not any mention of money being involved, the opportunity to bring an issue to the attention of so many people is extremely appealing. Plus, as a freelancer, the chance to add another string to the bow and maybe pick up some writing work is another bonus. The most difficult aspect for me is picking a topic. Even sticking to the themes for this year’s competition, there are so many different strands that could be focused on that I feel spoiled for choice.

So if you’ve got an interest in international development and you’re able to take some time off between now and November, get your thinking hat on and start writing. I’m going to grapple with what topic to cover for a good while, so you’ve got the jump on me. Last year’s entries were all excellent, both from the professionals and the amateurs. Hopefully this year’s batch will be even better.

[Image by Leo Reynolds]


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