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Freeware of the Week! [Easeus Partition Master]

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If you want to run a dual-boot system, at some stage you’re going to have to partition a disk. Previously, this would have been the type of task that would have be bribing my savvier friends with beer and promises of a cooked meal. My bar bill’s about to go down, and my friends are going to be eating more takeaways, because I have a new tool that takes all the hard work out of disk partitioning.

Easeus Partition Master can manipulate your hard disks in almost any manner you choose, and is also (thankfully) fairly idiot-proof. All you need to do is to make sure you’ve backed up your important data, and you can proceed happy in the knowledge that the program won’t let you do anything stupid. Not only can you resize, move, create, delete and format partitions, but you can also copy disks and partitions to back up data or to move to a new computer. The program is compatible with SCSI, IDE and SATA hard disks, and can also handle Firewire and USB removable drives. For those of you running monster rigs, the program can handle up to 32 partitions, though I’m struggling with how you would come to need that many.

Easeus Partition Master can manage drives from the very small (2GB) to the relatively large (1.5TB), but still has an easy-to-understand interface that won’t intimidate partition newbies such as I was. In addition, when you’re playing around with your partitions, the program automatically blanks out the functions that you can’t apply. Also, any actions that you do take remain “virtual” until you decide to apply them. You see? Idiot-proof.* In addition, there’s also a comprehensive help section, divided up into topics which explain the basics to beginners and offering tips to more experienced users, so you never feel overwhelmed or lost.

Easeus Partition Master is free to use, and is compatible with Windows from 2000 to Vista. Sadly, those of you running Windows XP or Vista on 64-bit machines are left out in the cold, unless you’re willing to stump up for one of the Business Editions of the program. Check to see which version you have before downloading. For the rest of you, on the other hand, take the terror out of hard disk partitioning and download Easeus Partition Master today. You will never need a bottle of scotch when managing files again.

* The one thing I can’t express enough, regardless of how well the program works, is that you really must back up your important files before playing around with disk partitions. Neglecting to do so is like juggling with knives.

[Image by LangsdaleLibrary]


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