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An Explanation of the Inari Media Twitter Policy

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As you can see from the sidebar, Inari Media is also on Twitter. The account is fairly active, and my tweets generally concern IT news, along with the odd Kenyan headline.

I do, however, have a different account, under the name Penseuse. This is a hangover from the time when the blog was a collective effort and I wanted a Twitter account to call my own.

In the beginning, the Inari Media account was accessible to everyone concerned with this blog, but since the handover, I have been managing both. There has been the occasional cross-post, where I tweet on one account while thinking I’m logged into the other, but generally the pattern has remained the same: headlines at @InariMedia, personal or direct tweets on @Penseuse.

In terms of following, generally I am willing to reciprocate a follow notification if the person is either in a similar field or has a certain something that interests me. There is just one crucial distinction: regardless of whether somebody follows me on the strengths of the Inari feed or my personal feed, they get followed via Penseuse. It just makes everything easier for me. There are some people who are followed on the Inari account, but they are either legacies from before I was mistress of all I surveyed, or I was logged into the account at the time.

Lately, I’ve noticed that people click to follow the Inari Media account, but promptly follow Penseuse once I reciprocate. This is why I felt the need to inform everyone: if you are following both @InariMedia and @Penseuse, you are double-dipping. By all means feel free to follow both, but realise that they are one and the same person. The difference is that the “official” Inari feed will probably be more informative if you are looking for news.

So, if you do find that you’re double-dipping, feel free to unsuscribe from one or the other account. Don’t worry, I will not exact revenge. Free will extends to the internet, after all. On the other hand, if you are happy with both, I’m glad to make your acquaintance!

[Image by Paul Snelling]


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