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Freeware of the Week! [MP3MyMP3 Recorder]

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Sometimes I hear something on internet radio or on a website that I’d like to listen to later. A podcast is easy enough, you simply need to download the relevant broadcast. For other audio, however, a different solution in needed. Which is where MP3MyMP3 Recorder comes in.

MP3MyMP3 is a program that will record all audio streaming through your soundcard and save it to either MP3 or WAV format. Not only can you record just about any audio streaming, but you can also select the bit rate and quality settings for your recording. In addition, if you podcast yourself, you can record any inpt through you mic jack directly into MP3. MP3MyMP3 is also a player, and supports playback for MP3, AIF, SAW, AU and WAV formats.

As a nifty little audio recorder, MP3MyMP3 is great. My only niggles are that you need to be careful to make sure that whatever you’re recording isn’t interrupted by any other audio. That means turning the sound of on your IM notofications, other websites, even your Windows Settings. Nevertheless, it’s a useful addition to my arsenal, and a step up in terms of functionality compared to the audio ripper is was previously using.

MP3MyMP3 is easy to install, simple to use and has a ton of features that should satisfy all but the most demanding customers. So if you’ve been looking for an audio recording program but were scared off by commercial offerings, download it today.

Note: MP3MyMP3’s installation file will offer you bundled third-party software, but it only takes one click to decline, and this won’t affect the installation or function of MP3MyMP3.


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  1. deke says:

    Great tool, but completely useless for Windws 7/Vista. MP3myMP3 required Stereo Mix input for recording, but it no longer exists. You can try this recorder
    Not free, but compatible with Windows 7.

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