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Change a Long Time Coming for the Grand Coalition

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To the surprise of nobody but the most Panglossian of optimists, the grand coalition’s make-up session has fallen apart, with the two sides unable to put aside their differences and come to some sort of arrangement where they might actually be able to govern the country effectively. Will this change anything? Probably not.

The Kenyan populace has effectively been without a functioning government since the PEV of last year. There have not been any significant legislative or economic reform, as various factions have been more concerned with jockeying for position in government rather than serving the electorate, as they were elected to do. Kenya is effectively a ship without a rudder, with a crew who have tucked into their rum rations and are in no fit state to be steering a ship.

This politican inertia is dangerous; if no substantiative legislation can be passed by Parliament, progress will be erratic, to say the least, with little coherence and no cogent framework with which to work. Regardless of market efficiencies, the economy still needs an effective government for credibility. Without it, investors will pack their bags, fold their wallet and go elsewhere.

Let’s just hope the elected dunces playing at politics realise this before it is too late.

[Image by Kevin N Murphy]


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