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Freeware of the Week! [FontPicker]

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Sometimes, a piece of software comes along that is so simple, yet so impressive, that you wonder how you ever managed without it. My first words on being shown today’s pick were “Oh my god, that is  aces and skills!” and I am still so utterly enthralled by it that I don’t think I am going to get any work done after posting this. Ladies and gentlemen, geeks and nerds, I am thrilled to present FontPicker as today’s Freeware of the Week.

FontPicker is a personal project from Richard Garside, a programmer based in Leeds. The premise is stunningly simple: see how text is rendered in all the fonts you have installed on your computer. What, you say you can do that in Word or OpenOffice? OK, but you can’t see what the text will look like in those fonts simultaneously, can you? Well, can you?

In FontPicker, you simply type your text into a box and it will be displayed in all of your installed fonts. You can use FontPicker online, or if you’re worried that you’ll forget the URL, you can download it and use it with Adobe Air. You can cut down on the choice of fonts by eliminating those you don’t like, and can also mark others as favourites.

FontPicker is so amazingly easy to use, it’s a wonder that most design programs don’t already include a similar utility. As far as I’m concerned, whoever is in charge at Adobe should be making a pilgrimage to Mr Garside’s place of business with sacks of money and a request for FontPicker to be licenced and integrated into Photoshop.

If you do any sort of design, whether websites or printing flyers for your club night, you need FontPicker in your life today. Yesterday, even. It is quick, clean, and is easily in the lead as my pick for “Staggering work of Genius 2009.” I can’t tell you what to do, but rest assured: when the revolution comes, FontPicker will be compulsory. Don’t wait to be commanded; download it today.

[Image by HowNowDesign]


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