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Freeware of the Week! [SafeHouse Explorer]

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Being able to carry around documents on a USB drive is all very well, but what if you want to move documents that are sensitive, that you wouldn’t want anyone else to have access to if your drive fell into the wrong hands, or if you forgot it somewhere? While it is possible to buy secure USB drives, they’re not always the solution. Most encryption software needs to be installed on a hard drive before it can be used, and it’s impossible to install it on every machine that you might use. Happily, SafeHouse Explorer is here to solve that problem.

SafeHouse Explorer is a free program that will protect your privacy and your sensitive files. It uses strong 256-bit Twofish encryption and passwords to secure files on either your hard drive or your memory stick to give you peace of mind that your data is accessible only to you.

The great advantage of SafeHouse Explorer is that it runs directly from your USB drive, negating the need for you to install software on multiple machines. It can be used to created an unlimited number of storage “vaults,” each of which is protected by a password. There is also a graphical password strength meter when you are creating a password that will help you guage how effective your chosen password is.

The interface is also very easy to use: simply drag and drop your sensitive files into the SafeHouse Explorer window. And the files can be anything, from text documents and spreadsheets to video. In addition, Safehouse Explorer can also be used to protect archive files on CD and DVD.

Safehouse Explorer is totally free to download and use, and is compatible with all Windows version from Win95 to Vista. The program should take up no more than 20MB on whichever drive you install it on and takes next to no time to install.

If you’ve been looking for a way to encrypt your files when on the move and don’t want to shell out for an secure USB drive just yet, download SafeHouse Explorer today. The website is a little crowded, so make sure you download Explorer, rather than the free trial for SafeHouse Personal or Professional. Though, of course, if you’re happy with SafeHouse Explorer and have further security needs, you can also try out the full-feature programs.


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  1. Robert kelly says:

    The consequences of such a data lose is astonishing. The need of mobilizing the data is reasonable, however it must be secured.
    I truly believe that the government agencies should enforce strict regulations on how to store sensitive data.
    Reading SanDisk’s recent survey highlights the danger to organizations when keeping sensitive data.

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