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Why the Curbs on Cabinet Dissent?

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According to the Daily Nation, Kibaki is considering a policy of “Back Me or Be Sacked by Me” with his Cabinet colleagues. Apparently, our benevolent leader has grown tired of the slings and arrows from his erstwhile enablers and is now ready to dispose of the people who have disagreed with him one time too many. But why?

The Grand Coalition came into being because the PNU and ODM could not agree which of them had won the election. After months of bloodshed, they came to a compromise: they would both share the pig trough, the country’s finances be damned. That settlement has led us to the crossroads at which we now find ourselves. The most pertinent question is whether Kibaki is doing this as a way to freeze out ODM footsoldiers, or if he has simply tired of listening to contrarian voices during Cabinet meetings.

To be fair to the outcasts, the government has been fairly unified in voting themselves pay rises and allowances, and there hasn’t been any hint of a substantiative investigation into corruption. If anything, at the first hint of trouble the snouts go further into the trough, the better to avoid awkward questions. Which only serves to stir curiosity as to why Kibaki insists on asserting his authority now.

My theory? Lucy. I can only guess as to what goes on in that woman’s mind, but I know that she is not a fan of anyone who is not willing to cheerlead for her relentlessly. We know that one minister has already drawn her ire. And you have to admit, the lady knows how to hold a grudge.  Maybe she’s drawn up a hitlist for hubby to start work on. While not wholly ethical, I suppose it’s better than having them “disappeared,” as a number of South American countries did during their dictator phases.

Like a furious and righteous avenging angel, Lucy is preparing to kick ass and take names. Of course, as an unelected entity with no real political power, she can’t do it on her own. Which is precisely why her loving and devoted husband is willing to step into the breach, to do his good lady wife’s will. Cower in fright and pray to your false gods, dissenters! Lucy is on the warpath, and she has the the instruments of state to back her up.

So, Lucy as Eva Peron or Lady Macbeth? Such difficult decisions!

[Image by Knee Deep Photography]


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