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International Women’s Day: an Alternative Theme

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Did you know? Today is International Women’s Day. How are you going to be celebrating? For my part, while the official 2009 theme for this year is “Women and Men United to End Violence Against Women and Girls” (quite a mouthful), I’m very appreciative of the fact that so many of the advertisers on the official website seem to be focusing on women as potential employees. Shame there’s an economic crisis on and not that many people are hiring.

Still, it’s encouraging to know that women are now considered a worthwhile target audience for corporate communications that would normally have avoided such gender-specific outlets. And it’s also pleasing to see the number and variety of individual women and women’s groups around the world that are making use of the internet to disseminate information, even if it only concerns a particular day.

As an alternative theme, I propose “Women and Men Making Progress and Empowering Themselves Through Technology.” The internet has been marvellous for allowing the quick spread of information and provision of resources to diverse groups, and while areas still lack full access, I hope to see everyone making full use of the opportunities technology provides in order to make life better for society as a whole, wherever they are in the world.

Technology gives access to education, and education brings power to take control over one’s life. That is what I shall be celebrating today.


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