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Freeware of the Week! [Pixie]

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Hey there, web developers! Whatcha doin’? Picking colours out for your latest design project? Don’t have the hex codes to hand? Well, have you thought about using a utility like Pixie?

Pixie is a tiny program. Honestly it takes up under 76kB on my hard drive. Yet it can pick a colour, any colour, and copy the hex, HTML or RGB code for your desired shade and save it to your clipboard to be pasted into whatever document you’re working on.

I love Pixie. Using it means I have been able to forget my most-used codes and am finally able to remember my own mobile number. Because of Pixie, I no longer weep hot, salty tears of frustration and impotence when I am putting together CSS, my own personal bête noire. My coding times have been cut, I no longer get distracted wondering whether I can find the code for an obscure shade of green. And I am much easier to live with, especially when live sports is on television.

Pixie is also incredibly easy to use. Simply load the program, hover your mouse over your desired colour and either memorise or use the correct Control button manoeuvres to get the code that you need. Pixie can be used not just for web design, but also for image editing, and is so intuitive that you really don’t need any additional information. If you ever find yourself having to know the code for a colour, download Pixie today and take the stress out of your work.

[Image by No-Frills Marilyn]


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