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Freeware of the Week! [VirtualBox]

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Ever had one of those awful moments when you need a different operating system? Thanks to VirtualBox, the need for separate computers is now a thing of the past.

VirtualBox is a collection of x86 products that can be used for home and business. It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac, with support for a variety of guest operating systems, which can be viewed here.

Not only is VirtualBox open source, but it is constantly being developed, with new supported operating systems and platforms being added on an operating basis. If you’re a developer, there’s nothing to stop you contributing to the group effort, and if you run into any problems, there is an active online community to help you with troubleshooting and other issues.

Unlike previous freeware that I’ve recommended, your computer is going to have to be a certain spec in order to install and run a virtual OS. Check the VirtualBox end user documents to make sure that your machine can handle installation of a guest OS.

VirtualBox is the only freeware option I have found for virtualization products, and I can’t help but marvel at the effort that has gone into making the software as professional as possible. While it can cope with personal use, there is no reason why it couldn’t also be used by a business. So if you’ve been looking for a virtualization solution but have been put off by the prices of being charged for proprietary software, save yourself some money and hassle by downloading VirtualBox today.


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