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Freeware of the Week! 2-for-1! [Eraser and Recuva]

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Two freeware programs this week, as they seem to compliment each other.

First up is Eraser, a secure data removal tool. As you know, just because you delete a file and empty the recycle bin, that doesn’t mean it’s gone for good. It won’t take too much effort to retrieve it, and so your boss could find out exactly how much non-work stuff you downloaded when you return the company laptop. Eraser alllows you to complete remove data by overwriting it several times to the point where it cannot be retrieved. The program also has a scheduler so you can regularly overwrite unused disk space, to give your computer that lovely sparkly “clean” feeling.

Completing the combo is Recuva, which does what Eraser aims to prevent. Recuva is a utility that restore files that have been accidentally deleted. While it won’t bring back deleted Outlook emails or items from your RSS reader, it can get back pictures, images, MP3s and documents that have been deleted from your hard drive, memory cards or media player. It can even restore files that have been deleted due to crashes or viruses.

We’ve all got data on our hard drives that we wouldn’t want anyone else to find, and we’ve all lost files that we wish we could get back. If you’re using Spybot Search & Destroy (also freeware, mentioned here), you already have a file shredder utility for securely deleting files, though that didn’t stop me from having Eraser as an additional option. Recuva has lived happily on my hard drive for months now, and has come to the rescue more than once when I have suffered a bout of fat-finger syndrome.

Both programs are absolutely free, though if you appreciate them you should consider donating to the programmers who have put them together (links available on both pages). They run quickly, are easy to get to grips with and don’t cause any fuss with existing software. Download them today, and get more control over your data.

[“Erased” Image by OrangeJack]


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