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Our Little Bird Has Flown

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Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but our Editrix, Stephanie, has written most of the posts on the blog.

It appears that she has come to the attention of the KenyaImagine team and has been invited to join them as the editor of their Science and Technology section.

Obviously, we are very pleased that Steff has made an impression on other blogs, as Inari Media has only been active for three months. However, it is very obvious to us that Steff was the lightning rod for the blog, while we have mainly been acting as sources and stringers.

It’s not Steff’s fault: we are just too lazy to wake up every day and think about what people might want to read about and then to turn that into a blog post. So in deference to her commitment to the blog, we are turning over all control over to Stephanie Migot now, and for however long she decides to keep the blog running.

We’re her friends, and we will always patch her in on stories that we think she might find interesting, but we realise that Inari Media has become her baby, and she should be allowed to take full credit for any further success it has. Good luck, Steff! We’re still here for you, but you’re in charge now, Starbuck.


Adam (your Chamber of Commerce mole)
Steve (drinking buddy, tech guru)
Callum (programming master, shoulder to cry on)
Tig (ex-boyfriend, Linux ninja)
Edward (we went to uni together, remember?)


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