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Freeware of the Week! [Irfanview]

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Sometimes, you don’t need all the features of a graphics program like Photoshop. Occasionally you just want a light, quick program that will allow you to view your images, sharpen them up a little, and maybe stick them into a slideshow. When that time comes, you ought to turn to Irfanview.

Irfranview is a graphics viewer that supports just about every image file formate in use today, and also has some nifty image effects that can be applied to any loaded images without any trouble, with a before-and-after formate so you can see the how an effect might look before making any changes permanent.

Irfanview also has a number of plugins available for advanced users and now has suppot for Photoshop filters, just in case you’re dealing with an image that has previously been fiddled with. You can convert images from one format to another either singly or in batches and the program also includes support for ebedded colour profiles in certain formats.

Irfanview is a fantastic little graphics toy and is completely free for non-commercial use. If you’d like to carry out basic image manipulation but can’t face downloading a heftier program, download Irfanview today and start getting creative with your pictures.


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