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New African Website Needs Your FAIL!

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A new website, AfriFAIL, has been launched. It works along the same lines as the always-amusing FAIL blog, with the added proviso that you also have to provide a possible solution to anything you submit as an African FAIL.

I don’t know how long the site has been up, but there are only two posts at the time of writing, and Bwana Fail could obviously do with some more content. So where should we start? Top of my list would be Nairobi only having eight fire trucks, of which five were functional during the Nakumatt fire. Solution: stop corruption in the City Council and actually spend funds on things the city needs.

Can you think of any other African FAILs? And what are the possible solutions? If you can think of something, head over to AfriFAIL and help Bwana Fail build up his content. This site could be very funny if enough people take part. And it’s probably a little more cathartic than howling into the darkness when yet another cock-up makes you despair for the continent’s future.


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