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Freeware of the Week! [Unlocker]

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“Cannot delete file: Access is denied”

This message had been annoying me for nigh on a year. I needed to clear some space on the hard drive of my decrepit spare laptop, but a series of old podcasts was refusing to go without a fight. I had looked at the sharing and access permissions, loaded the computer in safe mode, tried any number of tools and offered blood sacrifices to various tech gods if they would just get rid of the damned folder. Nothing worked.

Then along came Unlocker. Beautiful, efficient, easy-to-use Unlocker. The program installs itself as an option on the right-click menu and allows you to get rid of “difficult” files, that would like to keep residence on your hard drive longer than you would like.

Unlocker essentially identifies the programs and processes that have access to the file and may be preventing it from being deleted, allowing you to remove their permissions and then delete the file or folder. The UI is clean and simple to use, with little chance of a new user getting things wrong when they first start using the program. The program does install on the system tray and will initiate on startup, but this can be changed if you’re using a program like CCleaner to determine which programs start on system boot.

Unlocker is efficient and very to use. It is also tiny: the entire program will take up less than 1 MB on your hard drive once installed. If you’ve been having trouble with files or folders that just won’t go away, this is the program for you.

[Image by MocoDragon]


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