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Freeware of the Week! [GnuCash]

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Want to keep a check on your finances? Need to monitor your spending? Well, welcome to GnuCash!

GnuCash is open-source accounting software, suitable for individuals or for small businesses. I have to confess that I use it religiously for all of my freelance work, and it works like a charm.

GnuCash is not only brilliantly easy to use and intuitive, but it also allows you to track all of your expenses and income. If you ever wanted a way to ensure that you don’t unwilttingly stray beyond your overdraft limit, or spend your bank loan wisely, this is the program for you.

GnuCash should take up less than 10 MB will truly make your financial life that little bit easier, and give you peace of mind when you have to compile your annual accounts. Download it today, and give yourself financial freedom.

[Image by TracyO]


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