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Freeware of the Week! [7-Zip]

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Sometimes, when your hard drive is running out of space, or you don’t need certain files for a while, it’s a good idea to compress them. Or perhaps you need to reduce the file size to make sure that it will be a manageable attachment to an email. Windows does provide a rudimentary file compression system, but it’s always best to have something better than the default, don’t you think? And so 7-Zip is Freeware of the Week.

7-Zip is a file archive program which offers high compression ratios.While you could use it as a command line program, there is also a simple and intuitive GUI for those who prefer to point and click.  It supports 12 different compression formats and any of these can be set as the default for those who do a lot of archiving. In addition, the program also integrates with the Windows shell, meaning that compression is only a right-click away.

7-Zip is a light and economical program that should not take up more than 8 MB on your hard drive. So if you have been missing a decent archiving solution, download the program today!



  1. thanks for sharing, you have an impressive layout here,im happy to see more informative Kenyan blogs prop up on the blogsphere

  2. Stephanie says:

    Oh, we love sharing here! And if it helps people avoid spending money on expensive software, then it’s all good. That’s why we don’t include anything that is shareware, or only free for a trial period.

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