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Freeware of the Week! [CCleaner]

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A little late this week, as I am loath to recommend any programs that aren’t useful, plus I’m going through a hard drive decluttering at the moment, which means I have discovered loads of old freeware that I no longer use. But I eventually settled on the decluttering tool I use most often: CCleaner.

CrapCleaner is a marvel at finding and eliminating all the rubbish that fills up your hard drive without you noticing. It gets rid of temporary files, recent file lists from a range of different programs, log files, form histories, the lot. It’s also very useful in terms of privacy as it also deletes cookies and browser history from all of the major browsers, something that is very important on shared computers.

In addition, CCleaner can also clean your registry to remove any invalid entries and also offers a quick and efficient registry backup feature. The overall effect of using CCleaner regularly is a computer that doesn’t get cluttered up with junk, a Windows system that doesn’t throw a hissy fit as often, and peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are not storing rubbish.

CCleaner is not free to download and to update, and it is also 100% spyware free, so your data is safe. Version 2.14 is available now and won’t take up more than 3MB on your hard drive. Download CCleaner today and make your computer happy!


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