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Inari Media Falls in Love with Twellow

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One of the feeds we read on a regular basis is WebProNews. But until today we didn’t realise that they had a separate site named Twellow, which operates as a directory for people with Twitter accounts.

The site is categorised into various sections, but what impressed us most was the search function, where you can search the Twitter profiles of anyone with a particular keyword in their profile. Steff searched for anyone based in Kenya who might have an interest in business and IT. As a result of her search, she is now following 54 people, despite only setting up her own personal Twitter this afternoon. We envision our Editrix doing a lot more reading.

Twellow is in beta at the moment, but we have no doubts that it will eventually go live. While it isn’t entirely accurate at present – a few profiles had ceased to exist – we hope to monitor its growth from a niche to an important directory of Twitter-folk who are keen to connect with other people with similar interests. That’s what we’re using it for, and we will continue doing so in the future.


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