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Customer Relationship Management: It’s Good to Talk

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Almost as a postcript to yesterday’s post about Entrecard’s censorship of its users, today there’s an article by David Miller at Internet News about how some businesses are using Twitter to reach their customers.

Dell attributes its Twitter followers with generating $1 million in revenue over the last 18 months, while the JetBlue airline offers followers discounts and tickets. In addition, JetBlue also

…monitors Twitter for comments about the company, responding quickly to compliments and complaints, and following its customers.

In the past, businesses would have to rely on expensive market research or a customer contacting them directly to have any idea of how their product or service was received by the public. Today, judging customer reaction is more likely to consist of monitoring the web to see what people are saying.

But it’s not enough simply to monitor the internet. Clever companies will also use the same communications tools as their customers to counter negative feedback, improve their customer service levels and spread the word about their new offerings. These businesses are better positioned to hang on to their customers, and also able to develop new and innovative products that their customers actually want, thanks to the fact that they are communicating with their target market.

Every business would love it if the only thing they heard from their customers was praise; nobody likes to hear that they have failed to measure up. But in cases where a business has disappointed its customers, taking a proactive approach in trying to remedy the situation is far better than doing nothing at all. Let’s hope that businesses become more open in their communications in the future.

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  1. Anh says:

    Web 2.0 is no longer just for the individuals. Businesses are adapting to the changes in how individuals are getting informed. It’s great to see companies using Twitter to improve their customer service and relationship. Social CRM may be the next big thing for CRM.

    As for Dell making $1 million using Twitter, here is a different perspective:

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