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Overview Falls Flat

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Sigh. Trust me to download every article I could find, hoping to bring stinging insight and furious criticism to the expected release of Windows 7, only to find that the rest of the web has been doing the same thing for months.

Dear readers, the last day of deprivation has not been kind, nor will it be the last day that I spend investigating the more outré corners of the interweb. I must admit, however, that I have failed you. There is simply too much information for me to condense it into a coherent post over a single day. Give me a little longer and I might be able to give you the bullet points.

So, my humblest apologies from an Editor who is essentially still on work experience. I shall Tweet about Windows 7 throughout today, and I hope to get myself together for the next seven days, but at the moment I need to eat and see daylight. It’s either that or get recruited by werewolves. And if you find anyone else who posts for Inari… tell them that I’m not going back in the basement!

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