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Quick Break: WiMAX is Coming!

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Just a short break from my toil to mention the fact that Intel are on board for the first mobile WiMAX trial in Kenya. Woohoo!

While there isn’t word on when the trial will being or how it will be run, there is a three way agreement between Intel, Alcatel-Lucent and Kenya Data Networks (KDN). Intel Chairman Craig Barrett is quoted as saying that

Digital access is key to ensuring that Kenya gets a seat at the table in the 21st century knowledge economy

Buy that man a drink!

Intel will also be providing teachers with access to its IntelĀ®Teach program, and assist the Ministry of Education in developing local content for its Learning and Teaching Technology. How generous! Naturally, there has to be some benefit for Intel, whether monetary or simply a market advantage over its competitors, but at the moment I’m just pleased that another IT initiative seems to be getting off the ground. Let’s just hope that it isn’t scuppered by our budgetary woes.

Thanks to KenyanObserver at Breaking News Kenya for the tip.

[Image by Strobist]


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