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Windows Vista SP2 Released Tomorrow

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The second Service Pack for the Windows Vista operating system will be available for download from tomorrow, according to a number of websites. SP2 is a beta, however, so if you do decide to try it out, remember to back up all of your files and create a system restore point on your system in case anything goes wrong.

I still don’t know about Vista. While I haven’t heard as many howls of outrage that plagued the first stages of Windows XP, it does seem as though Vista is a stop-gap before Microsoft launch Windows 7 (which I’ll be blogging about later this week). I’ve been looking at moving to Linux anyway, and while problems with Vista persist, there isn’t really an incentive for me to upgrade to the latest Microsoft offering.

What are you doing? Have you moved to Vista yet, or are you waiting until the OS is fully bedded-in? Are you going to wait for Windows 7 or are you thinking about dumping Microsoft for a different operating system entirely?

[Image by Stijn Vogels]


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