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Things Have Been a Little Hectic…

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Things have been a little hectic recently. Our post history isn’t looking too healthy, there may be comments that haven’t been approved. But all should be well soon, because Stephanie, our editor, will be back in the big chair by the end of the day.

We are only a loose collective, and when Steff has to leave her sofa to go out and earn money – the life of a freelancer is not an easy one – the blog can grind to a virtual halt, as she attempts to earn enough to pay her rent. There are posts that have been written, but because she is the main writer, proofreader and general dogsbody, if Steff isn’t there to check things, they don’t get done.

Happily, our roving editor is back now and is currently working through the backlog of posts to make sure that the blog is up to date. We have also added a link in the left-hand sidebar: for ICT and business news that we don’t write posts about, you can now follow us on Twitter. If you have a Twitter account, you can now get all the posts on Inari Media and more!

Having said that, if you have an interest in entrepreneurship or ICT and think you could contribute to the blog, get in touch with us via our profile here on WordPress. We’re always interested in learning something new!

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