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Treat your Computer with Kindness… In All Ways

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I did mean to blog about this a couple of days ago, but I suppose now is better than never. PC Advisor had an interesting article on how to improve your computing life, which I found useful and infuriating by various degrees.

Most of the advice given was perfectly valid. You should back up your files. Learning shortcuts cuts down on the time you are fiddling with a mouse or touchpad. You don’t need to answer all of your emails as soon as they come in. But why the hell does my computer need to tell me to go on a diet?

Tip #4 on the 14-point list of things to make your computing life easier includes signing up to websites that will make sure that I am eating and exercising properly. That’s not going to make my computing life easier; that’s going to mean I have to stop working and go out and graze like a buffalo!

Sadly, there are far too many similar articles on the internet. Well-meaning people see fit to broadcast their particular point of view to the rest of the internet and expect to be taken seriously. Strictly for jokes, here is my own view:

  1. Never leave your house/terminal unless you absolutely have to
  2. Consider your internet “friends” a better source of knowledge or judgement than anyone in the same room as you
  3. If an employee, your personal internet surfing counts as “Professional Personal Development”
  4. Try to have your internet use deducted from your tax assessment

Naturally, taking any of that advice at face value is insane (please don’t take it; I can’t afford to be sued). Nevertheless, suggestions of the same quality can be found all over the internet. So pick your advice carefully, and do not sign up for or download any new services unless you can guarantee that it is something that you or your computer need.

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