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State Will Support Small Businesses… with Hot Air

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Rejoice, o entrepreneurs and small businesses! Mr. David Nalo, Permanent Secretary for the East African Community Ministry has decreed that we are to get increased state support for our endeavours.

Mr. Nalo recognises the contribution that small businesses make to the economy and attributes much of last year’s growth to our activities. He also realises that the small business sector “faces a number of challenges operators cannot address on their own.” Truly, we are blessed to have such a munificent public servant.

But wait! It gets even better: Mr. Nalo says that the government willl “help small and micro enterprises to remain profitable ventures.” Hooray! But how? Well, we don’t need to worry our pretty little heads about that, because Mr. Nalo said it would happen, and it was reported in the Nation, so it must be true. Right?

Once again, we have a report that promises much, but delivers little. I don’t know if I should be blaming Nation reporters again, or wishing that the press team at various ministries would be a little more forthcoming with details. Any decent businessperson will tell you that it’s the details that can scupper a deal. I would love to sing the praises of the government in trying to support entrepreneurship, but I’m given details, I’m going to assume that this is all just politicking and hot air designed to keep us paying our taxes. Quite frankly, the small business sector deserves better than empty rhetoric.

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