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Clickjacking: Something Else to Worry About

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Even after installing you antivirus software, your spyware detection and your firewall, it turns out that your computer is still vulnerable to an external threat: clickjacking.

Clickjacking is malicious code injected into a website where it can run without a user’s knowledge. For instance, you may be clicking what you think is a “Submit” button, but you’re actually providing your email address and login details to people of ill repute. In some cases, clickjackers may even be able to take control of your computer, and who knows what they’ll get up to once that happens.

Users of Adobe Flash used to be the most vulnerable to clickjacking attacks, but luckily the latest Flash 10 player appears to have patched up the worst of the loopholes.

As far as staying safe out there, it’s best to use Firefox as your main browser and using its NoScript plugin. In addition, don’t bother logging into a site unless you absolutely have to, especially if you’re logged into another site at the time.

More information is at the InternetNews link at the top of the post. Be careful out there kids; the bad people really are out to get you.

[Image by Christopher Chan]


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