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Freeware of the Week! [Foxit Reader]

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Do you use Adobe Acrobat Reader? I used to, but it wasn’t good for my ancient laptop. It took up far too much space, was far too slow and the spasmodic updates to the software took up too much of my time.

These days I use Foxit Reader, which is absolutely tiny in comparison to the Adobe offering, but offer the same (if not a better) level of service.

Foxit Reader is entirely free and won’t take up more than 5MB on your hard drive. The layout is easy to understand has has all of the features available in Acrobat Reader, except maybe the creepy robotic voice that reads documents to you. New features in Version 3.0 include support for multimedia content, a thumbnail panel for all pages in a document and a plugin to view and work on documents with the Firefox web browser.

So don’t continue putting up with Adobe’s bloatware. Free yourself, and your RAM by installing Foxit Reader today!

[Image by PiPiWa]


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