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Software Developers! Grants Available!

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Are you an application developer? Do you have an inspired idea that you’d like to bring to market? Would you like some money to help you along? Well the Kenyan ICT Board has Ksh312 million to give away!

In addition to setting up two data centres to store the fruits of our labours, the ICT Board is also giving out grant money for developers to “cover the expenses for service and content development, licensing fees, advocacy, and awareness campaigns” according to Paul Kukubo, CEO of the Board.

Details over how to apply are very sketchy. The CIO website gives no details, and there is nothing at the KICT Board’s site either. Nevertheless, there is Ksh195 million for government-related development and a further Ksh117 million for private sector development up for grabs. The KICT Board can be contacted here. Phone, write or email them to find out what you have to do to get your hands on the loot!

[Image by Ebel]


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