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Faster Broadband is Coming, and Not a Moment Too Soon

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Rejoice, o techies and lovers of downloading! Our esteemed Minister of Information (I confess, I didn’t know we had one) has declared that the laying of our undersea fibreoptic cable will be completed by June 2009. Happy days!

Dr. Bitagne Ndemo says the project will benefit the e-health ICT project, but quite frankly I am more concerned with Kenyan ISPs providing faster broadband speeds at a cheaper price.

Broadband connections in Kenya are just too expensive for us to make the great leap forward and become a techno-economy. What we need is not just the new undersea cable, but also far more competition in the marketplace. If companies had to compete on speeds and service, prices would come down for all, and there might be a greater chance of entrepreneurs and small businesses focusing more of their efforts on e-commerce.

As it is, at the moment, the ISPs continue to price their offerings as premium products, treating consumers as though they’re doing them a favour for simply allowing them to check their email. We, Kenya’s tech generation, deserve better and should demand better when the infrastructure to make this possible is in place. I would be interested to see if there are any price wars in the internet market come July.

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  1. Kabubii says:

    Bitange Ndemo is a Permanent Secretary to the ministry of information, and a smart person at his job.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I don’t recall criticising him, but thanks for your input. I’ll make my mind up as to Mr Ndemo’s intelligence as he sets the country’s ICT policy.

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