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Epic Fail!

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I know that newsrooms can be pressurised workplaces, what with trying to make sure all the facts in your story are straight and trying to meet deadlines, but even so, I expected better of the Daily Nation. Click on the screengrab below to see the gaffe in its full glory:

That is such an elementary mistake that I had to double-check and make sure it wasn’t April 1st. We’ve all had little moments of carelessness (I call mine brain-farts) but I really did expect better of a national newspaper. Maybe the sub-editors are on strike? Somebody get the senior editors on the phone and ask them if they are paying their journalists enough.

Hopefully they will catch this mistake and correct it. I’ll be checking the original article regularly to see.



  1. kayliz says:

    Oh goodness!
    What’s happening to The NMG that I used to respect so much?
    This is just sad.
    Good laugh, though.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Journalism: they iz doin it rong.

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