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WiFi Encryption Cracked

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Ruh-roh! WiFi Protected Access (WPA), the certification program for the security  of WiFi networks, has been cracked. If you are using free or WiFi hotspots at the moment, you are doomed. Run away now, before the spambots get you.

Researcher Erik Tews has found a way to read data sent from a router to a laptop computer. Apparently the crack could also be used to send fake information to any computer connected to the router.

While this appears to be a research project, I can only speculate as to how long this exploit will take to be released into the wild. All I can advise for those using WiFi at the moment is to beef up your security, make sure you have the correct security procedures in place, and pray. This is one of the times when you want your website or email address to be desperately boring as far as spammers/hackers are concerned.

I have no real advice, apart from making sure that your WiFi system isn’t using WEP encryption. Baby, that has already been cracked. It’s open like a split coconut. For those of you using WPA, hang on to your hats, get ready to spend more on technology, and suck up to your sysadmins, because a new framework will be arriving soon.

[Image by CBCastro]


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